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ITM Nigeria Ltd is a leading provider of a wide range of support services tailored to the needs of business entities operating in Nigeria. From human resources needs to corporate trainings, business process outsourcing & supply chain solutions, ITM Nigeria is your ideal business solutions partner. Our services are recognized for their efficiency in business process improvement & enhancing career development.


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The main objective of my role is to ensure the Country office grows, in all facets. This also included creating & developing a business model from a concept note, conducting research & development of the market for ITM’s share, recruiting a young team, as well as strategically thriving in the organized private sector


As the Operation Manager and Under the supervision of the Country Manager, the main mission of this position is to ensure the control and approval of all operations for the growth of the business in the country, in accordance with the objectives assigned to the Country Manager


As the sales and Business Development Manager, my main goal is to develop strategic sales plan and strategies that will improve the market position and grow the profit of the company through attracting new customers and also increasing the revenue generated from existing customers.


As an Outsource Executive my primary responsibility is to supervise and control the performance of outsource staff. As a supervisor I liaison between ITM and the client company. Get feedbacks, complaint and suggestions from the client company and relaying them back to the Country Manager for directives.


The main objective of an accountant can be rounded up in this three activities Financing, Operations and Investing but it is not limited to these. An accountant also does budgeting, preparation, analysis and reporting of the financials of the company.